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Elephant attack on car full of tourists in African safari park caught on camera, July 1, 2013
by Paul McMillan

It’s a relaxing drive in a safari park that turns into a terror ride.

A five-tonne male elephant smashes its way through the window of a car full of German tourists moments after fighting with another member of the herd.

The angry animal gores its way through a side window as the panicked passengers shout: ‘Go, go, go.’

The attack – in Kruger National Park, South Africa – was filmed by one of the tourists and the video found its way on to YouTube.

Before the terrifying scene, the passengers watched as a baby elephant in the herd stumbled on the road ahead before stopping to watch the two males fight.

Then, without warning, events take a turn for the worse.

The frightened tourists speed off in their hire car with shattered glass strewn over the back seat.

One passenger dryly remarks: ‘I think we lost the deposit.’

None of the men or women were seriously injured.

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