…and it’s back

After an extended delay, the time is right to make this blog a ‘thing’ again. There’s going to be some updating issues (thanks Headway for that) but hopefully all will be well soon.

Here are some of the exciting developments that have occurred in the meantime:

Moved back to the UK

News Of The World imploded

Rented so-so flat

Leveson Inquiry

Rats moved into so-called flat

Leveson report

Decided to take the plunge and left so-so flat

Much muttering about Leveson

Gangnam Style took off

Realised London makes Abu Dhabi prices look reasonable

A threat of inaction by Cameron

Threats of action from other parties over Leveson

Eurozone crisis

The Harlem Shake craze (that’s nothing like the Harlem Shake)

Early hours deal that changes the concept of a free press

Blew the oil money on a house and began extensive renovation.

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