Qatar 2022: the ‘sterile’ World Cup?


2 thoughts on “Qatar 2022: the ‘sterile’ World Cup?”

  1. And the price of a pint in Qatar will certainly raise a few eyebrows – and possibly tempers – amongst visiting football fans. Here’s hoping for a trouble-free Qatar World Cup but is that realistic given the most bother the cops usually have there is maybe the occasional fool who had one too many at the hotel bar and the odd drink-driving case? Will they be able to cope?

    And more to point, will they ban those bloody vuvuzelas?

  2. I have lived in the Middle East all my life & I cannot, for the life of me, understand how such a major world sporting event can be held anywhere in the region. The heat is beyond anything one can conceive of and for the most part (thought they claim to be hospitable), dealings with foreigners are often a catastrophe waiting to happen. No need to even speak of alcohol, women’s attire might raise enough problems on its own. Qatar is nothing like Dubai… and given recent problems with tourists in Dubai, I shutter thinking what may happen if they do not ‘lighten up’ when the time comes. It is not that I do not hope that this region can host major world events.. Not at all! I just think that baby steps are a better idea. The world cup is HARDLY a small step. I just hope they have not bitten off more than they are prepared to chew!

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