Quit Facebook – get in before the bubble bursts


1 thought on “Quit Facebook – get in before the bubble bursts”

  1. How do people find the time to be continually updating FB and how many people really care what someone had for breakfast. Twitter is the same. I am not on either FB or twitter but I am very aware of the nonsense to be found on both. Our Prime Minister is a huge fan of twitter. Perhaps it would be better if he spent more time governing the country. We do not care his son announced his engagement a few weeks ago. It was all on twitter for all to share.
    I do not think FB will disappear in the near future but it will eventually when something else comes into vogue.
    FB can be quite dangerous as young vulnerable people befriend strangers. Just 2 weeks ago an 18 year old girl was murdered near Sydney by someone she befriended on FB.

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