West Midlands Police release Lego video to beat the Christmas burglars

West Midlands Police release Lego video to beat the Christmas burglars

Metro.co.uk, December 15, 2013
by Paul McMillan

We’ve already had Lego toys, video games and theme parks – and now the plastic figures star in their own Christmas crimewave.

West Midlands Police have used Lego to create a YouTube video urging households to beat the burglars over the festive period.

In it, a family are seen putting up their Christmas tree and leaving presents beneath it weeks before the big day.

After they have gone to bed, a burglar creeps through a plastic garden and peers through the window in grainy black and white CCTV footage.

The heartless thief then breaks in, gathers up the gifts and leaves.

Police use Lego video to beat Christmas burglars

Fortunately, the terrified burglar gets his comeuppance when he is faced with a police dog. He is later seen behind bars and making the front page of ‘The Toy Times’.

The humourous video also contains helpful tips for households such as avoid putting presents under the tree until Christmas Day.

West Midlands Police said: ‘Christmas is coming and cruel burglars will be on the prowl looking to take home some of your festive treats.

‘Every year officers investigate heart-breaking cases where children literally have their Christmas taken away when crooks steal presents from under the tree. This year do your bit to beat the burglar.’

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