Paul McMillan

Multimedia Journalist

Paul McMillan is a reporter, videographer and editor who has worked extensively in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Trained as a traditional print journalist with qualifications in media law, he has produced websites, video projects and online interactives for major media organisations.



I have covered crime, politics, business and human interest for the national and regional media


A copy editor with experience of writing for national tabloids and broadsheets.


I have shot, edited and produced numerous videos for use on news sites based in Britain and the Middle East

Career Highlights

Launch of The National

One of the original staff members for the launch of The National, an English-language broadsheet in the Middle East. I had a dual role as a multimedia reporter and online night editor. I also produced videos, interactives and wrote for the news, business, opinion, sport, arts and motoring pages.
Work for The National


As a senior sub-editor on one of the UK's most read newspapers since 2011, I have helped cover major events including Covid-19, three UK elections, the EU referendum, the Brexit negotiations, the rise and fall of Islamic State, terror attacks in Westminster and Manchester and happier events such as the 2012 Olympics. I have also contributed articles to archive

News video production

I have produced videos on topics such as the launch of the world’s cheapest car and a hospital for falcons  I have also worked on campaign videos for the National Health Action Party  luxury travel videos for Elite Living Africa and personal projects such as Tony the Big Issue seller who calmed commuters with classical music.
Selected Videos

Selected work

Regent Hotel, Porto Montenegro profile

Video profiling the Regent, a luxury hotel and superyacht marina in Porto Montenegro, for Elite Living: Africa magazine.

The Red Cap deaths in Iraq

In June 2003, six members of the Royal Military Police - known as Red Caps - were shot by a mob while on a patrol of police stations in Majar al Kabir, southern Iraq. The killings were regarded as murder and not an act of war by the Iraqi government. Since then the families of the men […]

Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car

The launch of the Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car made in India.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

A video shot by Edthye McNamee that I edited for The National's website. The idea was to take the viewer through the treatment of a falcon from arrival to recovery.

Gaza Interactive

An interactive guide to the Gaza War of December 2008 that was produced for The National to mark the first anniversary of the conflict.

Coal mining comes to an end in the North East

Ellington Colliery in Northumberland, the last deep mine in the North East of England, was closed by its owners UK Coal in January 2005; bringing the proud history of coal mining in the region to a close. The decision sparked a debate as furious as any during the miners' strike with the owners saying flooding had […]

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