The Dubai drugs three and Britain’s double standards on torture

Downtown Dubai from Sheikh Zayed Road

David Cameron’s support for the three Britons sentenced for a minor drug offence after allegedly being tortured in Dubai is commendable – but it could come back to haunt him.

Nessun dormouse: Two words that shook the Twittersphere

Nessun dormouse: That’s all it took. This was a headline I wrote a while back that started to trend on Twitter.

The Iron Lady’s Legacy: Margaret Thatcher funeral spread

This was part of Metro’s coverage for Lady Thatcher’s funeral which I subbed that examined the impact her policies have had on Britain today. It was a story of many parts in that the reporter had gone to great pains to study each aspect. However, as is often the case in these type of features, the sum total overran. Each section had to be carefully reduced to fit the required space without losing the key points.