Three charged after girls left with babysitter ‘get tattoos’ without parents’ knowledge

Many parents’ worst fear is that the babysitter will let their children stuff their faces with junk food and watch TV past their bedtime. But a mother and her boyfriend in the US are said to have come home to find two girls left with a family friend were given tattoos.

Right-to-die campaigner Jane Nicklinson says Hayley Cropper’s death on Coronation Street ‘has done our cause proud’

Coronation Street’s assisted suicide storyline has ‘done our cause proud’, a right-to-die campaigner has said. Jane Nicklinson praised the ITV soap for starting a conversation after millions tuned in to watch Hayley Cropper take an overdose after giving up her struggle with incurable cancer

High housing costs and lack of jobs mean quarter of young adults ‘are still living at home’

High rents and difficulties getting on the housing ladder mean more than one in four young adults are still living with their parents, according to official figures. More than 3.3million people aged between 20 and 34 – about 26 per cent of that age group – had not left home last year

Killer Michael Cope jailed for life after brutal murder of mother-of-two

A violent boyfriend who strangled and beat a mother-of-two to death was today jailed for life. Michael Cope was told he had carried out ‘a savage and sustained attack on a defenceless woman in her own home’, by judge Mr Justice Parker

Swedish doctors give nine women womb transplants

Nine women hope to become pregnant after receiving womb transplants in pioneering surgery. The women, mostly in their 30s, were either born without a uterus or had it removed because of cervical cancer.

‘An expensive vanity project’: Criticism as it’s revealed portraits of MPs cost taxpayer £250,000

If you met them on the street you would say they were no oil paintings – but that hasn’t stopped £250,000 of taxpayer’s money being splashed out on portraits of MPs