Beast from the East vs Mavic Air

I bought a DJI Mavic Air that arrived during a heavy snowstorm in the UK called The Beast From The East. Here's some quick test footage around a London park thrown together using iMovie.

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Lisbon 2018 - shot on iPhone

Walkabout in Lisbon from a couple of days in January overlaid to an amazing Fado singer we saw in Bairro Alto (audio through the phone mic).

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Lumiere London 2018

The return of the Lumiere exhibition to London. After filming this in 2016 on a GH4 I decided to take a more minimal approach and just use an iPhone.

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Red Cap deaths in Iraq: 10 years on

It was June 2003 when six Royal Military Policeman were murdered by a mob in Majar-al Kabir while trying to train the local force after the fall of Saddam Hussein. What has happened a decade later?

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Bribery act for journalists: Cover your chequebook

Faced with a battering from the Leveson inquiry, Operation Elveden and Hacked Off, journalists can only look with envy at the esteem in which slumlords and ambulance chasing injury lawyers are held. But there is another threat newsrooms may not be aware of: The bribery act.

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The Dubai drugs three and Britain's double standards on torture

David Cameron's support for the three Britons sentenced for a minor drug offence after allegedly being tortured in Dubai is commendable - but it could come back to haunt him.

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Nessun dormouse: Two words that shook the Twittersphere

Nessun dormouse: That's all it took. This was a headline I wrote a while back that started to trend on Twitter.

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...and it's back

After an extended delay, the time is right to make this blog a 'thing' again. Here are some of the exciting developments that have occurred in the meantime...

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New Year 2011 in the UAE, rest of it elsewhere

So that was it, my final New Year's celebration in the UAE. My three-year visa is soon to end and I am leaving these shores soon for pastures new, so I grabbed the chance to celebrate the occasion with a bang.

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Qatar 2022: the 'sterile' World Cup?

Not since Don Revie quit as England manager to take charge of the UAE in 1977 has Middle East football been so intensely under the media spotlight. As the recriminations over England's failed bid to secure the 2018 World Cup continue, it is the winner of the following tournament that has proved more intriguing. The […]

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