Pictures from a trip to Masirah Island, Oman

Photos taken on a trip to the island off the east coast of Oman in August 2009. The island contains a village, Omani military base (with a live-firing range that can be heard for miles) and is popular with windsurfers due to the high winds. Some of these photos were reprinted in The National’s travel section in April 2010. You can read a full account of the trip – and a disastrous attempt at camping – here.

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6 Responses

  1. Paul,
    Am planning a trip from Riyadh tp Masirah Island via Dubai and Muscat. Had hoped there would be a coast road south from Sur. Tried to read your camping experience but the link takes me to “The National”, with no information on the experience.

    Any advice / information would be greatly received.

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi Dave

    The National has updated its website and the link appears to be broken. I’ll fix it soon.

    We crossed the border after Dubai in Hatta, drove south along the road to Muscat (stayed overnight) and then drove south to Shanaa for the ferry to Masira.

    That’s a five-hour drive south of Muscat.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Hi we are heading off to Masirah for a fishing and camping trip over the next few days was wondering if you have any tips on where is good to camp/fish??

  4. Hi Lawrene

    My tip on camping would be don’t take a flimsy tent. There are plenty spots on the beach but the wind cuts right through (as you can see in the shot with the towel). The island is a favourite for kitesurfers because of this. Be prepared to spend a while putting up the tent.

    I didn’t fish in my time there but, due to the military base on the island and car ferries, I wouldn’t recommend taking out a boat without a guide. Casting from the shore should be fine – just be careful of that wind.


  5. Lawrence,

    Went for a fishing trip with my family to Masirah. A good spot is at the pier near Sarabis Hotel. Best bait to use is squid cut into strips as bait as the water is choppy. May use fresh sardines (local call it “whoma”) or mackerel if you have a elastic cotton-nylon thread to secure the bait on the hook. Also you may need a lead weight sinker and steel leader for the hook as some fish are really aggressive. There are varieties of fishes; lizard fish, ray, snapper, sole, sea catfish, etc.

    Locals mainly use hand-line only foreigners use rod and reel. But don’t feel awkward if you are the only one using rod and reel. Regardless, both methods do catch fish. . ., and lots of them.

    Best time to fish is during full-moon between 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. Sorry, no toilet on the pier. Make sure you empty your bowels before you head for the pier.

    May need lamps or torchlight if there are no boats tied to the pier. Boats usually provide ample lighting.

    If you need bigger fishes, you need to rent a boat. Cost maybe around RO10 to RO30 for a half-day trip.

    Good luck!

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