Regent Hotel, Porto Montenegro profile

Regent Hotel Porto Montenegro

Video profiling the Regent, a luxury hotel and superyacht marina in Porto Montenegro, for Elite Living: Africa magazine.

#GE2015 campaign video for Dave Ash, National Health Party candidate

General election campaign video for Dave Ash, National Health Action Party candidate for Sutton and Cheam

George Clooney calls for Britain to return Parthenon Marbles to Greece

Hollywood actor George Clooney has called for Britain to return artefacts such as the Parthenon Marbles to Greece, saying it is ‘the right thing to do’. The 52-year-old actor was speaking at a press conference in Berlin for his new film The Monuments Men, in which he stars as part of a World War II squad who save art treasures from the Nazis.

Teenager gets stuck in baby’s high chair in Plymouth pub

If you’ve ever been bothered on a night out by a group of revellers acting like rowdy children then you’ll be heartened to hear what happened to this big baby.

Swiss voters snub EU by backing plan to curb immigration

Swiss voters have delivered a snub to their government and the EU by narrowly backing plans to limit immigration. They backed a proposal by the nationalist People’s Party to introduce quotas for all types of immigrants by a margin of 50.3 per cent, according to public broadcaster SRF.

Anti-Vladimir Putin beer launched to support gay rights at Sochi Winter Olympics

He’s the strongman of the world stage who does not mind the odd bare-chested photo of himself. But Russian president Vladimir Putin has been taken to task – or cask – over his anti-gay stance ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Rare iguanas stuffed in socks seized at Heathrow Airport

Smugglers stuffed 13 ‘incredibly rare’ iguanas into socks and tried to take them through Heathrow Airport. The endangered lizards were found by customs officers in a suitcase at Terminal Five when they stopped two Romanian women who arrived from the Bahamas.

Crocodile on the loose in Bristol? Police hunt for 6ft reptile after ‘sighting’

A hunt has been launched for a 2m (6ft) crocodile believed to be on the run in Bristol. The search was launched after a bus driver said he had spotted the beast under a bridge…

Three charged after girls left with babysitter ‘get tattoos’ without parents’ knowledge

Many parents’ worst fear is that the babysitter will let their children stuff their faces with junk food and watch TV past their bedtime. But a mother and her boyfriend in the US are said to have come home to find two girls left with a family friend were given tattoos.

Right-to-die campaigner Jane Nicklinson says Hayley Cropper’s death on Coronation Street ‘has done our cause proud’

Coronation Street’s assisted suicide storyline has ‘done our cause proud’, a right-to-die campaigner has said. Jane Nicklinson praised the ITV soap for starting a conversation after millions tuned in to watch Hayley Cropper take an overdose after giving up her struggle with incurable cancer