middle east

Red Cap deaths in Iraq: 10 years on

It was June 2003 when six Royal Military Policeman were murdered by a mob in Majar-al Kabir while trying to train the local force after the fall of Saddam Hussein. What has happened a decade later?

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Qatar 2022: the 'sterile' World Cup?

Not since Don Revie quit as England manager to take charge of the UAE in 1977 has Middle East football been so intensely under the media spotlight. As the recriminations over England's failed bid to secure the 2018 World Cup continue, it is the winner of the following tournament that has proved more intriguing. The […]

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Palestine, Beer and Ocktoberfest Under Occupation - a DIY documentary

The story of how DIY documentary maker Lara Van Raay packed up and went to the West Bank to make a film about a brewery and beer festival in the most unlikely of settings.

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