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Dying teenager's IVF baby hope

This story originated from an everyday ring-in to the district office about a charity evening for IVF research. When I asked the caller, who turned out to be Martin's sister, why she was organising the evening she told me about her 19-year-old brother who had terminal cancer and wanted to have a baby with his fiancee after his death. I made a direct approach to Martin and he and Susan agreed to speak to me.

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The Red Cap deaths in Iraq

In June 2003, six members of the Royal Military Police - known as Red Caps - were shot by a mob while on a patrol of police stations in Majar al Kabir, southern Iraq. The killings were regarded as murder and not an act of war by the Iraqi government. Since then the families of the men […]

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Ellington Colliery: Coal mining comes to an end in the North East

King Coal dethroned with just five words by Paul McMillan, Evening Chronicle, January 27, 2005 Just five weasel words were needed to end centuries of our industrial heritage. "Gentlemen the pit is closed" were the words from Ellington axeman Gerry Spindler. What it meant was the Big E, the last superpit in a once proud […]

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Drugs, vice and misery

This was a backgrounder to a long-running court case I covered at the end of 2003. A serving police officer had been using the services of a violent pimp in return for access to the force's computer. The case highlighted how the vice trade operated in a city that is not blighted by an obvious 'red light' district.

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McDonalds and the World Cup Mascot

This story first surfaced as a 'diary job' for the Evening Chronicle before the 2006 World Cup that was soon picked up by national and international media organisations...

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