Teenager gets stuck in baby’s high chair in Plymouth pub, February 9, 2014
by Paul McMillan
If you’ve ever been bothered on a night out by a group of revellers acting like rowdy children then you’ll be heartened to hear what happened to this big baby.
A pub-goer, believed to be 19 years old, had to be rescued by firefighters after he decided to climb into a baby’s high chair – and became stuck.
They found him lying barefoot on the floor of The Stannary Court in Plymouth with his legs trapped in the seat designed for infants.
Della Abel, 45, was drinking at the pub with husband Robert, 48, and friends.
She told the Plymouth Herald: ‘I was out at Wetherspoon’s and all of a sudden there was this commotion and we looked around and he was literally stuck in the chair.
‘The bouncers thought he was mucking around at first but then they realised he was serious.’
She filmed the scene as they carried the trapped man out of the pub.
‘The man was laughing but then I think he got a bit frustrated as he was stuck there for so long,’ she added.
Watch manager Pete Watts from Plymstock fire station said: ‘He was young but obviously not young enough to still fit in the chair.
‘He must have thought it was a good idea at the time but wasn’t so chuffed when he got stuck.’
Firefighters used a saw to free the man, who faced calls to pay for the damage on Friday.

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