Three charged after girls left with babysitter ‘get tattoos’ without parents’ knowledge

Three charged after girls left with babysitter ‘get tattoos’ without parents’ knowledge, January 21, 2014
by Paul McMillan

Three charged after girls left with babysitter 'get tattoos'
Mother: Melissa Delp had left her daughters with a babysitter (Picture: Campbell County Sheriff’s Department)

Many parents’ worst fear is that the babysitter will let their children stuff their faces with junk food and watch TV past their bedtime.
But a mother and her boyfriend in the US are said to have come home to find two girls left with a family friend were given tattoos.
Melissa Delp, 35, and Daniel Janney, 32, face malicious wounding and child abuse charges after the alleged incident involving two under-13s in Virginia.

Razor: Daniel Janney is accused of using a razor to try to remove the tattoos (Picture: Campbell County Sheriff’s Department)

Janney attempted to remove the tattoos from Delp’s daughters with a hot razor blade, according to a search warrant.
They had left the youngsters with Alexander Edwards, who also faces malicious wounding, abduction and child abuse charges.
Maj LT Guthrie, of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, said the pair were left with Edwards, who is accused of tattooing the girls without their parents’ consent.

Babysitter: Alexander Edwards (Picture: Campbell County Sheriff’s Department)

The charges against Delp and Janney allegedly stem from their response to what they found when they came home, he added.
‘There was an effort to cover these tattoos up, it didn’t help the situation any – it added more scarring,’ said Maj Guthrie.
Delp and Janney remain in custody following the alleged incident on December 22.

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