Bribery act for journalists: Cover your chequebook

Faced with a battering from the Leveson inquiry, Operation Elveden and Hacked Off, journalists can only look with envy at the esteem in which slumlords and ambulance chasing injury lawyers are held. But there is another threat newsrooms may not be aware of: The bribery act.

Children’s TV Not What Tiswas

A feature I subbed for Metro’s In Focus section that examined the state of children’s TV in the digital age. The copy needed to be cut back while retaining colour and all the main points. As with all these pieces, this was not a case of just chopping paragraphs but a line-by-line revision to fit the space without losing the detail.

Shildon National Railway Museum: A blast from the past

On a recent trip back to the north-east I visited the Shildon National Railway Museum in County Durham. Armed with a 50mm prime lens and not much else I had a wander round.