Step over here once again, sir: Consultation into police stop and search powers

This was an In Focus news feature for Metro into a serious subject – a review into the police’s use of stop and search powers. The original copy was about twice the length needed so required a heavy rewrite. However, the reporter had a lot of good first-hand interviews and set the scene well, especially with the case study ‘Barry’. Careful line-by-line tweaking was needed to reduce the story to length.

Taking A Byte Out Of Groceries: Feature on Ocado’s warehouse

This was a revealing look at the growth in online grocery shopping and the giant Ocado warehouse by Etan Smallman that I subbed for Metro. As with all these pieces, care had to be cut the copy to length without losing interesting details (such as the XBox-like controllers used in the warehouse). I also used a play on words in the headline that I feel suits the story extremely well.